A Few Lagoons

by Berkeley Arms

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Floodlight 04:43
Floodlight be our full moon tonight its like living in a dream cause i can't tell whats real except the center of the universe thats sitting right here Silhouette eclipse hand thru the hair of a new planet all the bugs swim in her orbit as she swings and swings and swings the last thing i see before everything starts dissolves are we dancing in the moonlight or just dreaming in the floodlight I'm faking this fable won't you fake it for me too voyage dans la lune theres nothing i wouldn't do if the center of the universe is doing it too like dragging out a decade till the dawn arrives shouting surrenders to a sudden decline and won't meet its rival till the center of the universe decides its time are we dancing in the moonlight or just dreaming in the floodlight
The Bad 03:28
its just a rut you're not gonna sink get a laugh or get a thinking from it you're my go to for good news x2 i'll leave the bad where you're bound to see it i'll leave the bad where i know you'll be i'll leave the bad where you stay without me because i just can't bare the feeling swore no man would make you cry like how you wept when that favorite famous died but oh how they grow so old oh when i go and i live inside your memory won't be so much of an afterlife a little more like apres vie i'll leave the bad where you're bound to see it i'll leave the bad where i know you'll be i'll leave the bad where you stay without me because i just can't bare the feeling
Winter Tree 03:11
For the final goodbye, gimme one last sight its seemingly harmless, just give it a night it'll linger with reason but unknown to you like the things that she's doing with you fresh outta view for your choice of wording, a few phrases to murder so to live in a language that's never heard her and to never use again or risk the reminiscent a reminder is as kind as a knife to the kindey for your offer of electricity here's a song as bare as a winter tree neither buzz nor fuzz nor purple lights gonna bring it back to life
Beach Bunker 04:28
its dissolved in the sea your daydream of me off of the shore into the deep your toes in the sand where the blue and beige meet your smile it fades when i come up to breathe speaking in vein to the crash of a wave clear my throat repeat again but the seagulls call the thunder boat i can't take a hint i clear and clear my throat and the beach bunker sings its coastal song wind howling hymns thru concrete walls seven feet thick, i don't know how tall i lost my mind trying to figure out what its all for you gotta protect what you love until that hungry old ocean comes and eats it all up i sail out to sea in my ship of concrete i never make it far i swim back to see you stuck inbetween the dunes and the gloom one stays too long ones gone too soon and that siren in the sand she takes me by the hand who thought sea weary me would find my end on land stuck inbetween the dunes and the gloom one stays too long one's gone too soon
Spirit 04:08
if you don't wanna carry i got nothing to say except keep that lam trembling and walk your way back home the meadowlands have a war torn town at the bottom of a lake just waiting around for you you never know what to do and i know just what to do good lord lost in a liquor store all we need is one to start the fun but what to pick? what to choose? i'll leave it up to you all of a sudden we were learning russian from the symbols on the bottle, that horrible concoction. it was what was in it, that evil spirit, that taught us the wonders of learning how to sing it i got the feeling now
More Often 03:25
blood stains just like dry paint on your favorite shirt but you make it work i'd think of you more often but i've already forgotten that face you wear when you'd waste time up there danger ahead stranger behind no need to worry what s in front of a reminiscent mind I'd think of you more often but I lost it all again when the blue and pink of summer sink to the rising tide of falling things quick rewind, change your mind, remember when it was warm outside
a lot of things make a lot of sense but his nick names and he aren't one of them they're waiting viciously they come in tens waiting for something dumb to be done with a beer in his hands a tear in his eyes from when he's laughing so hard he can't help it but cry a tongue so dry he'll do anything to wet it over the moon and around the regret theres a sense of defeat when no one's competing victory's avoided for a fleeting feeling a lesson is learned revelation arrives while you stand there burnt to a city on fire anything can rival rome from its widest reaches to its weakest lows but now it rests that southern sun having the pleasure of only falling once her she'll be lucky if its three times the charm cause that fourth time around is looking mighty strong it won't be long till she's back in bed with the same old song running thru her head "last night leave me alone" i felt my share, i taste the burn morning arrives what a surprise the dream keeps trying to keep the dream live i see my friends in waves i don't know if their smiles stay or worry wipes across their spotless face the moment that the spotlight fades that someday circus skeleton curtain got an eye for the things you'd be a fool to flirt with and its working time and time again
did anyone notice the tree's were cut down right before the bridge heading out of town its like a hole was cut in the roof of our world but soon we won't remember what it looked like before


released July 27, 2018


all rights reserved



Berkeley Arms New Jersey


facebook: www.facebook.com/berkeleyarmsnj/


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